What I learned during my first year of college

Throw your “checklist” out the window.

You know the checklist I’m talking about: the “If I can just finish all of these things my life will be under control and I won’t be stressed” checklist. Forget about it. The beauty of college is its spontaneity. I went to a Thunder game the night before an 8 a.m. final last week. I could have checked “Study my brains out for Econ for one more night” off my checklist, but instead I got a spontaneous and crazy fun night I’ll remember forever.

You are never too good for Ramen.


Textbooks will always and forever be a ripoff.

I’m not talking about a little hike in prices. I’m talking about this scenario: your class, usually a gen-ed required for your major, has a textbook that is only available on campus because your professor wrote it. You can’t buy the book from anyone that has already taken the class because each semester they put out new “online access codes” for “online study tools.” (“Online study tools” is college lingo for “you now have to pay an extra $130 to do your required online homework.”) Textbook prices will always be outrageously high. That being said…

Getting a college education is a blessing.

College has had a tremendously positive impact on my life. I am blessed by OSU. The opportunity to get a higher education is one I am thankful for every day. It really puts high textbook prices and studying for finals into perspective.

Go Greek.

I realize I just lost some of the skeptics. But I can sum up this point by simply saying this: If I, a sports media major who would rather go to a football game than go to the mall, can enjoy life in a sorority, anyone can. Being a part of the Greek community has strengthened me academically, socially and even spiritually. The support from people of all ages and all different majors is unbeatable.

Major in something that makes you happy.

Life is too short to study something just because it will make you money. Study something that energizes you, not drains you.

Getting a B is not the end of the world.

Really. It’s not. I came into college with a perfect 4.0 from high school, and you know what? I’ve learned more in my semester with 3 B’s than I did in my four years of high school. Sometimes it works that way.

Leggings can in fact be worn as pants.

Yeah, this is different than High School Me, too. I don’t know. I’m in a sorority. They’re comfortable and lazy. Sue me.

You CAN come to college and keep your faith. (Maybe even grow it a little.)

College has been key to the growth of my relationship with God. No one forced me to get up and go to church–and, to be honest, there were a few Sundays that I didn’t (thank goodness for Sunday night services, right?). However, this year away from home has taught me so much spiritually, which brings me to my next point…

You will learn to love people in a completely new way in college.

In high school, I was friends with people who were just like me. We had the same values, the same interests, the same kinds of families. Here, none of my friends are exactly like me, and it’s awesome. (My roommate is a ginger theater major, and one of my favorite people on the planet.) I have learned that I can genuinely love and be friends with all kinds of people: Southerners, Republicans, Democrats, Californians, partiers, church kids and everyone in between. In high school, who you are is defined by what you do or who you hang out with. In college, who you are is actually defined by who you are.

You will learn who you are when you are taken out of your “culture.”

Everything up until college–your family, your school, your church–has a culture, a system, a way of doing things. In college, you won’t have the structure of your high school or be surrounded by people with the exact same upbringing as you. But don’t be scared for this part! Once you’re separated from the culture you’ve always known, you get to find out what was just part of the culture, and what’s part of you.



  1. I could say you have a natural gift, but you’ve nurtured and honed your skills. Love ya chica. Keep writing! You refresh me.

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