This blog was started as a project for my Electronic Communications class. Each week, we were given three articles to read and we had to respond to one. Each response had to include links to related articles or websites. The purpose of the assignment was to help us become better writers and to teach us how to elevate the conversation on the Internet.

This website is a culmination of my semester in Electronic Communications. The curriculum involved three projects: a podcast, a photo slideshow, and a video. (You can find links to these projects by scrolling down or by clicking “multimedia” under the “works” tab. The projects were a hands-on way to learn how to use GarageBand and iMovie. We learned the principles of journalism, including journalistic integrity, as well as proper techniques for photography and video. Our professor has worked in multimedia journalism, so she used her experience to help us create relevant, quality products.

I hope to continue blogging when I am inspired or when I feel compelled to write in response to a current event or issue. However, my goal is quality, not quantity. Again, I want to elevate the conversation, so I will only write a blog post if I think my words are an improvement to the current condition.

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